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Vila on the Ballot


Daniel Vila (l) and Hank Bardel (r) getting ready to file their petitions as candidates for US Congress with the NYC Board of Elections on April 14th. 

Daniel Vila will be on the ballot in November as the Green Party candidate for US Congress for District 13 in NY, covering Harlem and upper Manhattan, and parts of the West Bronx. His designating petition, along with that of District 11 candidate, Hank Bardel, was filed with the NYC Board of Elections on April 14th.

The petition was not challenged as of the April 18th deadline and, without a primary contender, Daniel’s name  will appear on the Election Day ballot.

Daniel, a long time community and union activist, will pick up his campaign where he left off in 2014, after receiving 12% of the vote in his challenge to Representative Charles Rangel, who will be retiring from Congress this year.


2014 Election Results for CD13

The New York State Board of Elections certified the 2014 General Election results on December 15th. Daniel received a total of 9,806 votes – 8,433 votes out of 64,479 cast in New York County, where the bulk of CD13 is located, and 1,373 votes out of 13,874 cast in the Bronx County portion. This represents 11.8% of the total votes cast in CD13, one of the highest percentages a Green Party candidate has ever received in NYC . He came in well ahead of the Working Families Party votes – the line held by Charles Rangel –  in both portions of the district.