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Daniel says “NO!” to REBNY

The right to safe, affordable housing is a basic Green Party value. We fully support the efforts of union organizer and activist, Ray Rogers, and his Campaign to Stop REBNY Bullies.

From the campaign website:
“The Campaign to Stop REBNY Bullies seeks to end the political dominance of REBNY and its abuse of economic and political power. REBNY’s top policymakers have been described as a cartel of bullies and racketeers and REBNY as one of the worst institutions to ever plague NYC.

The Campaign stands by its claims that corrupt activities by many influential REBNY decision-makers and their companies are at the heart of the lack of affordable housing and homeless crisis, thousands of small businesses shutting down, hyper-gentrification and massive displacement, once vibrant neighborhoods disappearing, increasing construction worker fatalities and the compromising of our political system. Please visit stopREBNYbullies.org and watch the 5-minute animated film ‘BULLIES’.”

Campaign to Stop REBNY Bullies
PO Box 1002 Cooper Station
New York, NY 10276-1002


Harlem Rally For Justice, Sunday Sept. 25


Campaign Endorsement

DUH-logo-resizedDaniel was endorsed today by the organization Demand Universal Healthcare, along with a number of Green, independent, and Bernie Sanders endorsed candidates. Our thanks to them for recognizing the commitment by Daniel and all Green candidates to the fight for a single payer, “Medicare-For-All” healthcare system. Healthcare is a fundamental human right.

Click here to visit their website and view the entire candidates list.

District 13 Candidates Forum

district 13_sp

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Daniel will be one of the candidates participating in the NY Congressional District 13 & The Environment Forum presented by WEACT and the NY League of Conservation Voters on Thursday, April 28, 2016 at the Manhattan Pentecostal Church, 541 West 125th St., between Broadway and Amsterdam Ave. The forum will begin at 6 pm.

This is a victory of sorts for Daniel and the Green Party. GP candidates are generally not invited to events such as this because of the arbitrary requirements that organizers set, such as attaining a certain percentage in the polls, or having raised a minimum amount of campaign funding. In fact, when Daniel inquired about being included, he was told that he didn’t qualify because his campaign hadn’t filed with the Federal Elections Commission (which only becomes necessary when  $5,000.00 has been raised) and so wasn’t considered a “serious” candidate. Daniel explained that he had submitted petitions with the NYC Board of Elections and would be on the November ballot. Tom Siracuse of the Manhattan Green Party Local contacted the BOE on Daniel’s behalf and the BOE provided proof that Daniel had filed. The organizers reversed their decision and Daniel has been included.

If you’d like to attend, please RSVP at http://www.weact.org/congressional_district_13_the_environment_forum

Vila on the Ballot


Daniel Vila (l) and Hank Bardel (r) getting ready to file their petitions as candidates for US Congress with the NYC Board of Elections on April 14th. 

Daniel Vila will be on the ballot in November as the Green Party candidate for US Congress for District 13 in NY, covering Harlem and upper Manhattan, and parts of the West Bronx. His designating petition, along with that of District 11 candidate, Hank Bardel, was filed with the NYC Board of Elections on April 14th.

The petition was not challenged as of the April 18th deadline and, without a primary contender, Daniel’s name  will appear on the Election Day ballot.

Daniel, a long time community and union activist, will pick up his campaign where he left off in 2014, after receiving 12% of the vote in his challenge to Representative Charles Rangel, who will be retiring from Congress this year.