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Harlem Rally For Justice, Sunday Sept. 25



District 13 Candidates Forum

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Daniel will be one of the candidates participating in the NY Congressional District 13 & The Environment Forum presented by WEACT and the NY League of Conservation Voters on Thursday, April 28, 2016 at the Manhattan Pentecostal Church, 541 West 125th St., between Broadway and Amsterdam Ave. The forum will begin at 6 pm.

This is a victory of sorts for Daniel and the Green Party. GP candidates are generally not invited to events such as this because of the arbitrary requirements that organizers set, such as attaining a certain percentage in the polls, or having raised a minimum amount of campaign funding. In fact, when Daniel inquired about being included, he was told that he didn’t qualify because his campaign hadn’t filed with the Federal Elections Commission (which only becomes necessary when  $5,000.00 has been raised) and so wasn’t considered a “serious” candidate. Daniel explained that he had submitted petitions with the NYC Board of Elections and would be on the November ballot. Tom Siracuse of the Manhattan Green Party Local contacted the BOE on Daniel’s behalf and the BOE provided proof that Daniel had filed. The organizers reversed their decision and Daniel has been included.

If you’d like to attend, please RSVP at http://www.weact.org/congressional_district_13_the_environment_forum

Vila on the Ballot


Daniel Vila (l) and Hank Bardel (r) getting ready to file their petitions as candidates for US Congress with the NYC Board of Elections on April 14th. 

Daniel Vila will be on the ballot in November as the Green Party candidate for US Congress for District 13 in NY, covering Harlem and upper Manhattan, and parts of the West Bronx. His designating petition, along with that of District 11 candidate, Hank Bardel, was filed with the NYC Board of Elections on April 14th.

The petition was not challenged as of the April 18th deadline and, without a primary contender, Daniel’s name  will appear on the Election Day ballot.

Daniel, a long time community and union activist, will pick up his campaign where he left off in 2014, after receiving 12% of the vote in his challenge to Representative Charles Rangel, who will be retiring from Congress this year.

Howie & Daniel

Howie Hawkins was out on the campaign trail with Daniel Vila in Harlem today. Photos courtesy of James Lane

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Meet & Greet Walk / Campaign Launch with Daniel Vila

Please forward and share with all your contacts

Meet & Greet Walk with Daniel Vila

Saturday, June 14th @ 12:00PM

From 125th St. & Adam Clayton Powell Blvd. to 116th St. & Lexington Ave.


As you know, next November voters in the 13th Congressional District will again vote for their representative to Congress. The Republican Party is not running a candidate, so the choice will be between the Democrat who wins the primary and me.

The choice will also be between sending to Congress a representative of the ruling corporate elite or a person who will represent the interests of working people; between the party which, together with the Republicans, has waged war on the people of Afghanistan and Iraq for more than a decade or for a party which has consistently opposed these wars of aggression; between a party which has the mission to turn every facet of public life into a for-profit enterprise, or a party which believes that government has a role to play defending the interests of workers and the middle class; between a party which does nothing to stop the corporate poisoning of our environment and food supply and a party which has always declared that the air, land, water and food supply be safeguarded for future generations.

The Democrats and Republicans play deaf every time a cop kills a person of color or abuses his power harassing our youth. The two ruling parties have fooled the nation for decades promising immigration reform while continuing to deport millions of hard-working people and refusing to grant them permanent legal status. Finally, public subsidy and tax relief for the corporate elite has reached scandalous proportions just as public monies for health, education and housing are eliminated.

My campaign is thus, one of defense of the broad masses who work, pay taxes and even fight the dirty wars of the corporate rulers. It is a campaign to strengthen workers’ rights and unionization and to get the federal government to legislate a $15 minimum wage so that millions of low-wage workers do not have to live in poverty!

We will be launching this fight June 14th at 12:00 PM with a Meet and Greet Walk from Harlem’s State office Building located at 125th Street and Adam Clayton Powell Blvd to 116th Street and Lexington Avenue. Please join us and the fight to have a Voice of the People in the US Congress!

Daniel Vila